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Download the best Spider Solitaire on the Internet for FREE on any type of Android or iOS devices and enjoy the most entertaining and witty card game ever! Spider Solitaire is old-time classic patience game beloved by million people all over the world. Playing Spider Solitaire is the excellent way to have fun and train your brain and attention at the same time! Our FREE Spider Solitaire is a mobile innovative version of classic Spider Solitaire. Spider Solitaire from Monster Brain Studios is developed using the best practices, the game is very light and fast. It has been equipped with excellent graphics and beautiful design. You will really appreciate game logic and friendly user experience together with beautiful card decks, nice sounds and witty animation. Free Spider Solitaire doesn't support third party ads, so you can enjoy the game without any interruptions and don't worry about hidden traffic fees.

Spider Solitaire is one of the most difficult card games among all Solitaire game versions with winning rate somewhere around 70% on average. Here you need to be really keen and savvy to win and also lucky. However in Monster Brain Studios Spider Solitaire you can play different levels of difficulty starting with one deck Spider Solitaire and up to 4 decks Spider Solitaire card game. So playing FREE Spider Solitaire is also a challenging task, and if you become skilled in playing Spider Solitaire you will certainly win the respect and acknowledgment among your friends and other experienced Solitaire Players, since it is really cool!

Monster Brain FREE Spider Solitaire has many exciting game modes as well, which you can enjoy. First, you can play it Offline and Online, in offline game mode you play simplified version versus intelligent computer only without having your scores saved to your gaming profile. This is an excellent way to practice your Spider Solitaire skills and pass the time also. Then there is great selection of multi-player game modes starting from "1 on 1" Spider Solitaire play, where you can compete with other player in individual bet playing on time and number of moves, the one who complete his card runs will win and get the game prize. There are also many game tournaments you can be part of, including one time "Royal Club" single tournaments, where you play in rounds with 7 other gamers, each round you play with one more player and the one who wins moves to the next game, the one who loses – leaves the game. The winner of the tournament gets the pool prize and becomes listed on the Spider Solitaire Leader Boards together with other high scoring players according to the game difficulty. There are also weekly Promo tournaments, designed in the same way, where you can win enormous pool prizes if lucky. And the most fun multi-player games are of course League tournaments. Playing Leagues you can design your own leagues or take part in friends' leagues or participate in country or world leagues plays. The best thing about playing in Leagues, that here you have chance to become part of the engaging community, play in different cities with different pool prizes and levels of difficulty. You can make your Spider Solitaire gaming progress and gain ultimate gaming skills by participating in tournaments.

The last but definitely not the least thing to underline about FREE Spider Solitaire form Monster Brain Studios is that our game is not only smart, it is also very social. Her we aim to bring together millions of people from all over the world with the passion for playing card games and especially Spider Solitaire. In FREE Spider Solitaire you can invite your friends from social platforms to play along, or meet new people and become a member of community of more than 20 million people worldwide. During all online games you can chat with other players in real time mode and also exchange cute interactive gifts, which can be purchased in our internal virtual game store. Speaking about our store, there you can find great selection of power-ups and also purchase additional energy, coins etc. However you don't start the game empty-handed, since we supply you with solid amount of game currency at the start. We also give various fill-ups every second hour of the game, so you can always be in plus!

Free Spider Solitaire – Game Rules

The order of FREE Spider Solitaire Card Game is in accordance with classy Spider Solitaire game. The game objective of Spider Solitaire is to construct descending card runs of the same suit from all of the cards you have in the game. There are two decks of cards with 104 cards in total at the start of FREE Spider Solitaire Card game. All of them are located in so-called tableau area laying in 10 piles faces down, with only top cards turned up, and also in the stock piles in the bottom right corner of the game screen faces down. In the tableau piles there are 54 cards all-together, 6 cards in first 4 piles and 5 cards in the other piles. So your goal is to unleash all the cards in consequent card runs starting with the king through ace of the same suit. You can drag cards between the piles in the tableau, placing lower-rank cards on top of the higher rank ones. You can move multiple cards run on top of the higher rank ones. You can also place cards of alternate colors on top of others, in case you play more difficult version. When you manage to build full card pile, it will disappear from the game screen. Overall you should build 8 of them to win the game. Notice that even if you have full descending card run but of different suit, it will not disappear and count towards game winning, only the same suit cards will. Placing different color cards strategy is more of moving unwanted cards around and spare good ones, but you should be careful with this tactic. If you are out of moves you can flip the cards in stock pile and then they will be drawn on top of every pile in the tableau. Notice, there are shouldn't be empty spaces In the table to get the cards form the stock, otherwise it will ask you to place cards to fill the gaps. If you have empty spaces in the tableau, you can place any cards there and start building card run.

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